M3 Group - When your business is worth saving

M3 Group is a New Zealand based Revitalisation, Turnaround and Succession management services firm, working throughout the AsiaPacific.

We Implement actions to help companies revive, grow or make a strategic exit.

Most companies have plans to improve and Grow. 

The reality is many plans fail to be implemented

That leads to a static or declining performance.

When a company loses velocity & momentum, it often needs outside help to be revitalised. That bit of direction, pressure and enthusiasm that comes with someone else putting their shoulder to the wheel with you and lifting performance.

We can help..... but we do not become part of the furniture

Our service is specific, timely and adds value.

Our solutions go by many names but boil down to "getting things done"

We do this quickly and effectively. Creating value for your company, shareholders and other stakeholders

We are used to operating in the chaos and emotional maelstrom of "company turmoil. We do this in an authentic and transparent manner. We are discreet.

Just like your doctor wants to cure your cold before it becomes the flu and then pneumonia or your reduce your cholesterol levels before the issues with your arteries lead to an heart attack...

Early intervention is vital

We are focused on Enduring Results

Turnaround is a worldwide Industry

Turnaround as an industry has its roots in the USA, where it is well developed and adds a great deal of value to the American economy by rescuing firms that would have otherwise folded with its attendant catastrophic consequences for the people in the firm, its suppliers, the bankers, and also the Government through a loss of tax revenue.

The Turnaround Management Association started in the USA and came to Australia over 10 years ago, where it has flourished as the real economic and social benefits of revitalised and rescued companies have been seen.

We are members of the TMA of Australia.

What do we do??

The M3 Group (M3) provides expertise for Boards of Directors, Management teams, or Trustees as well as Stakeholders such as shareholders or debt holders, in enterprises that want to

  • Revitalise and grow exponentially
  • stop flat lining and missing opportunities
  • or are in danger of becoming zombies (only able to pay the interest on their debt)
  • Require equity
  • or those that are in transition, such as succession.

We have a focus on growing an entity in a manner that increases Shareholder equity.

Typically our assignments involve business entities that have opportunities for significant growth, or those impacted by adverse structural or market changes. It could be a business undergoing a transition to new products in a growing market, to one undergoing ownership changes, to one that has leadership issues or companies that have discovered a significant problem or opportunity with their business model.

M3 supports and can manage entities through difficult times by providing proven leadership and management experience. We work inside businesses to stabilise, rebuild and transform them. M3 can serve in an advisory capacity by collaborating closely with management. Where necessary, we also serve longer term as CEO or in an interim management capacity in order to implement the changes agreed on.

While receivership or similar restructuring firms focus on short-term financial implications (cost cutting, staff redundancies and capital structure), our group goes further and looks to rebuild and renovate the enterprise by developing a sustainable, winning revitalisation plan that aligns all the elements of a successful business model and attracts both debt and equity investment

In order to quickly assess the current and potential position of an enterprise one of the tools we use is the Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder et al.) A hands on tool that everyone can contribute to, it fosters understanding, insight, discussion , creativity, innovation and rigorous analysis

From this we can encompass the future business model in an Executive summary, a one page Busines Model Canvas, the financials, the long term goals and 90 day action tasks to back it up.

The diverse talent and experience of the partners within our group combines the decisive, short-term capabilities of traditional restructuring firms with a proven track record of strategic leadership, operational expertise and action across multiple industries.

We take a long term view of relationships and results, maintaining involvement until we agree each assignment is successfully completed.