M3 Group - When your business is worth growing

M3 Group is a management advisory firm, working throughout the AsiaPacific, from a base in New Zealand.

Our key differentiator is that we Implement actions to help companies revive, grow or make a strategic exit. 
We push you to achieve more than what you thought was possible, we help you create advantage in every opportunity.

Most companies have plans to improve and grow 

but the reality is most plans fail to be implemented

That leads to a static or declining business performance.

When a company loses velocity & momentum, outside help can offer a fresh set of eyes and provide impetus to get going again. That bit of direction, pressure and enthusiasm that comes with someone else putting their shoulder to the wheel with you and lifting performance.

We can help..... but we do not become part of the furniture

Our service is specific, timely and adds value.

Our solutions go by many names but boils down to "getting things done"

We do this quickly and effectively. Creating value for your company, shareholders and other stakeholders.

We are used to operating in the chaos and emotional maelstrom of "company turmoil". We do this in an authentic and transparent manner. 

We are discreet and focus on Enduring Results

What do we do??

M3 provides expertise for Boards of Directors, Executive teams, or Trustees as well as Stakeholders such as shareholders or debt holders, in enterprises that want to grow.

We can undertake

  • Strategic Planning and its Implementation
  • Valuations
  • Culture assessment and improvement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Succession Planning and Implementation
  • Independent Business Assessments
  • Equity and Debt funding assistance
  • Turnaround and Interim Management

We have a focus on growing an entity in a manner that increases Shareholder value.

Typically our assignments involve business entities that have opportunities for significant growth, or those impacted by adverse structural or market changes. It could be a business undergoing a transition to new products in a growing market, to one undergoing ownership changes, to one that has leadership issues or companies that have discovered a significant problem or opportunity with their business model.

M3 supports and can manage entities through difficult times by providing proven leadership and management experience. We work with businesses to transform them, being fully aware that there is seldom a "one size fits all" solution. 

In order to quickly assess the current and potential position of an enterprise we use tried and tested tools as well as a number of bespoke systems to assess and transform strategy and culture.

The diverse talent and experience of the Partners and Associates within our group combines the decisive, short-term capabilities of traditional advisory firms with a proven track record of strategic leadership, operational expertise and action across multiple industries.

We take a long term view of relationships and results, maintaining involvement until we agree each assignment is successfully completed.