A wealth of implementation experience

The M3 Group team bring decades of experience as CEO’s, MD’s, GM’s, Senior Operational Managers, Board Members, Investors, Owners and Turnaround Managers to each of its assignments.

Each member of the team has demonstrated the ability to hit the ground running, perform rapid situational assessments, successfully operate under pressure, while maintaining the interests of all stakeholders.

Our ability to operate as a team, and the individual Team member’s wide experience across a range of different industries, provides our clients with rapid solutions to the opportunities and threats that beset their entity, in a cost effective manner.

All of our team members have run their own business as well as entities for others. They understand what it takes for an enterprise to be successful. They have sat in the hot seat and sorted out issues similar to the ones that you are facing now.

We are members of the Turnaround Management Association of Australia and are a registered Financial Service Provider in NZ.

Don Good

Successful corporate resurgence and renewal have been the results of Don’s assignments for nearly 30 years.

He has stepped into companies that were headed for failure and implemented activities that have revitalised them. He quickly gets to the key issues through a High Level Review and invariably he has identified previously unrecognised new markets and new business relationships. By defining then implementing a course of action he has led renewed growth and improved profitability.

He has managed companies as either a fulltime or interim CEO or GM in order to implement their Turnaround. He has been an advisor to Boards as they begin the process of renewal.

He has worked at a senior level within the FMCG, Aviation, Apparel, Building, Dairy, Education, Energy, Engineering, Hospitality, Marine, and Rural industries as well as within Government and Not for Profit organisations. 

He has recently returned from an assignment with a Multinational Corporation revitalising its South East Asian Regional operating units based out of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Good holds a B.Com from Auckland University, a Certificate of Direct Marketing from the Marketing Association.

He is a Member of the TMA of Australia, the NZ Institute of Directors, a graduate of their 12 month Regional Directors Development Programme

Mr Good is based in Cambridge and travels throughout NZ, Australia and South East Asia for his clients.

Paul Logan

With more than 20 years of successfully building and running sales, business development and marketing teams for start-up and middle market auto, primary industry, education and technology companies, Paul Logan has a proven track record of aggressively driving revenue growth.  

Paul’s chief strengths stem from his broad executive experience working with management executives and other key decision makers to quickly understand and meet critical business objectives on both sides of each relationship.

He has a long, successful career of assisting companies to establish or reorganise their direct, telesales and channel sales organizations to show immediate, needed results.  

His innovative business development approach has consistently proven critical in opening up new avenues for business growth by pursuing and executing outstanding customer relationships in both consumer and business to business markets.  

Paul has held senior General Management positions in both Auto and Technology companies. As the GM for the Farmer Motor Group he achieved and held onto the Dealer of the year for Volkswagen and drove their Audi dealership to become one of the top 3 dealers in NZ for the 3 years of his leadership.

He currently sits on the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Council.

Mr Logan holds an MBA from the University of Waikato. His post grad dissertation was on the sales competencies required for successful selling

Mr Logan is based in Mount Maunganui and travels throughout NZ for his clients.

Tim Healey

Tim Heeley

For over 20 years Tim has been transforming companies for their stakeholders

With an Engineering & Project Management background in the Oil & Gas Industry coupled to a deep experience in Investment Banking in London, Tim has a strong basis to manage the sometimes volatile but always complex & uncertain environment surrounding a Turnaround

He has run & revitalised large US listed companies as CEO and as Chairman of the Board. He has stepped in at short notice as a Director or as an Interim GM or CRO to many medium and smaller companies to help revitalise their operations and profitability.

Since shifting to NZ 5 years ago and bringing his strong Yorkshireman’s uncanny ability to save money, whilst increasing sales, he has been engaged in several Turnarounds in the IT, Sports, Building, and Education space. He has also assisted several start-ups get their ventures funded and off the ground.

Mr Heeley holds a BE(Hons) Civil from the prestigious Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, a post-grad Certificate in Strategy from Reading University, and an MBA from Bradford University

He is a Director of Investment Research for the London based Edison Investment Research and a Director of the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education

Mr Heeley is based in Hamilton and travels throughout NZ, the US and Europe for his clients

Specialist Associates

The revitalisation of any entity requires multiple talents. All the M3 Principals have sat in the Boss Chair and had our own skin in the game, but we do not profess to have it all.

We actively seek out specialists in areas that your entity requires in order for it to enjoy a long-term sustainable return to full health and robust fitness.

Like us, our Associates have had their own businesses, but have chosen to specialise in, or focus on certain aspects of ensuring an entity continues to enjoy full health.

After a complete assessment of the entity and agreement on the remedial action required we bring them in, as necessary, to ensure that your entity gets the best care possible.

For some it may be as simple as making sure that they get the best buying prices on a range of their P&L Expense items...or a CFO to lift the quality of the reporting to a Board and tighten up expenses that are getting out of control...or a specialist in Supply Chain Management.

For others it may be a complete look at their reason for being and the strategies that will lead them to acheive their ultimate purpose....