The Purpose Led Organisation

One of our real point of difference is our bespoke package around developing your strategy and culture.

Our expert team can provide a workshop that is completely tailored to your organisation which includes the following:

  • Introductory session around our strategy and culture framework (1.5 hours) why it works and the steps required to complete it for your organisation.
  • 2-3 sessions (typically 10 hours in total) to develop high-level strategy
  • Finalisation and company roll out assistance (typically 2-3 hours)

Our base package is for a 30-40 person organisation and takes approximately 3-4 weeks to initially implement and requires Board, Executive and Senior Personnel time commitment.

In addition further work can be centred around - 

  • Development of strategy within organisations divisions/departments
  • Review of organisational culture 
  • Ongoing support of strategic implementation


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