Confidently and Confidentially

We have a strong track record of success but don't shout about it. Our clients know who we are and we take great pride in our confidentiality and discretion. We pride ourselves on our repeat business. We are very selective in who work with, who align with our values.

Our team have seen it all, from working on some of the largest debt and equity transactions in the world in the UK, Asia and USA with the worlds most complex financings, to small growth companies in New Zealand busy trying to thrive. From large to small, nothing intimidates us, but there is always one thing in common - our clients remain values driven and want to achieve something special and we aim to help them.

We remain holistic in our approach, are not transaction focused, ensuring we assess all options carefully and support clients through multiple event cycles. We consider all strategic and funding options and are not scared in asking the tough questions. 

We go about our work quietly and discretely, valuing the importance of confidentiality whilst working closely with multiple advisers to get the results you want. Through our investment banking partners in Australia, USA and through the Kingsrock network (, we can quickly trigger international growth and M&A discussions in all four corners of the world. 

We work in a way that delivers quick, meaningful results to companies. We would encourage you to talk to our clients, and we can provide references upon request. 


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